Mark P TjanMark is a designer from Toronto, ON, Canada. He’s trained in illustration and graphic design, and carries a BAA of Illustration from Sheridan College.

He’s worked in a wide variety of fields including technical illustration, web design, and event planning. His part-time passion project is ConBravo!, a convention celebrating independent creators of fannish, pop-culture materials, from which a wide variety of his own interests stem.

His primary tools include the Adobe suite (currently up to CS6) including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, though he prefers to do illustrations in Manga Studio 5. He’s familiar with being an editor and copywriter and can fulfil plenty of editorial needs should they arise.

For websites, he works with WordPress and can hack/slash pretty much any theme into obedience. He’s built them from scratch, modified a ton to suit client needs, and generally knows his way around the backend. Whether it’s a single-page portfolio, blog, or multi-person networking site you desire, he can probably build it.

He prefers a flexible, creative environment fuelled by coffee.